Latest Updates

Since the launch of Marketplace in November 2016, we have been working to continually innovate and improve your member experience by streamlining our trading platforms.

We know from your feedback that there are a number of areas that can be improved in MYBC. Since Marketplace launching, it’s been a priority for us to move over the ecommerce functions from MYBC to Marketplace. We’re excited to announce that we’re now a step closer to achieving this.

What’s happening now?

Effective today, the following new enhancements are active:

· The Go Shopping function in MYBC will now redirect to Marketplace

· Single sign on across Marketplace, MYBC, and Mobile mean you only need to login once

· You now have the ability to view and access statements and account information from Marketplace (under the My Account tab).

· You now have access to 'Pay a member', 'Process a sale' and 'List an item from Marketplace (under the My Account tab)

· Shipping details are now included as part of the transaction and not a separate action.

Still to come
Step 2

· Single sign on to Search from all of our platforms

· ‘Buy Now’ functionality in Marketplace will be switched on (no redirection back to MYBC)

· Ability for you to load your own listings and eVouchers into Marketplace directly

· Ability to bulk load items with different size and colour options (no need for separate listings)

· Order management streamlined– i.e. order fulfilment managed from Marketplace.

Step 3

· Integrated shipping provider

· Marketing analytics.

We hope you are excited about these new developments! We are continuing to enhance our platforms to enable you to trade more effectively with each other. Keep an eye out for future updates.

Got a question?

The Online Team will be happy to help with any queries, please contact them on 0508 226 654 or via email.