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Ask Your Team

AskYourTeam is a Continuous Involvement System that helps generate the quickest, most effective results for organisations in a sustainable way. It does this in a win-win-win situation for Organisations, Leaders and their People by: 1. Enabling Organisations to know exactly what's going on, where and why, so they can identify, quantify and locate the biggest performance blockages to work on and best practices to learn from and replicate. 2. Giving Leaders better information to make better decisions and an incredibly efficient system to involve their people in coming up with the best ideas to improve results and then being able to measure progress. 3. Providing your People with a genuine and meaningful voice in how their teams, leaders and organisation perform in a continuous way. This results in a win-win-win situation with: * More committed and motivated people * Better Leaders * Transformational results for the orgnanisation * Talent Retention, Improved Engagement and Culture are the by-product...not the core focus It incorporates the normal factors covered by an engagement survey but looks at a much broader range of success, to provide a far more insightful view on the performance, the Organisation and individual leaders. The system has been designed to enable leaders to easily tap into the collective insights of their teams to develop up the best Action plans possible and then be able to measure progress, in any or all part of the organisation, instantaneously in real time. This restating generates a degree of accountability and transparency simply not available before. The components come together to drive results, continuously.