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Bartercard Opportunities

We accept transactions for certain large-value assets may not be possible at 100% Bartercard. In these situations, Bartercard may specifically approve items to be sold on a part cash / part trade basis. Examples of this could be the sale of cars, boats, planes & helicopters.

As per our Fair Trading Rules, we will accept a minimum of T$10K or 50% in trade dollars, whichever is higher, for assets valued between $10K - $499K. For assets valued at $500K and over, we will accept a minimum of 25% in trade dollars (*excluding property).

Example One:

A car selling for $14K would include a minimum of T$10K.

Example Two:

A car selling for $25K would include a minimum of T$12,500.

Example Three:

A boat selling for $500K would include a minimum of T$125,000.

*Excluding property, which includes but is not limited to residential and commercial property, house and land packages, sections and businesses for sale.

If you would like to list a product here, please send a description & photos to the Online team at


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