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E-Ideas Ltd

We focus on action and results-based marketing. While many companies focus on strategy which is important, we focus on implementing ideas that will start to bring you results. Our methodology is based on what works for others today, curated with your specific market in mind. Contact us today for a no obligation chat. Do you have people enquiring online? How soon do you answer their email? What happens when you're on holiday? Studies show the faster you respond, the more likely they'll turn into a customer. What if you could respond within minutes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Your business will benefit from our 'Set n Prosper' service. We can set up an automatic response, making sure customers feel the love straight away. How often do you stay in touch with your customers? For how long do you follow up prospects? Do you ever wish it could be done for you? Marketing automation has come a long way and one of the best applications is automating your customer care and follow up emails. With our 'Set n Prosper' service, we'll set up your emails and newsletters to go out periodically and automatically to your customers and prospects. How many times a year do you want to touch base with your clients? Let us set up and tailor the frequency and content to suit your business needs so you can rest in peace knowing your customers are taken care of with online contact. Are you after a list of your target market? Need some data for mail out? Does your prospect list suck? Whoiswhere is NZ's largest and most verified database. We have over 200,000 businesses across every industry and location nationwide. Talk to us about what your needs are. No list too small or large.